In 2019, the international community of Fretmonkey and world-renowned record label Candyrat Records came together to host a historic international community guitar festival showcasing acclaimed fingerstyle guitar artists and related performing arts, many of whom were international artists. The purpose of the event was to organize the world-wide fingerstyle guitar community,  provide exposure to the lesser know art form known as fingerstyle guitar, and to provide opportunties to interested individuals  in three ways - (1) by providing educational instructional guitar master classes with event headliners, (2) offering an international guitar competition to showcase the diverse talent and art form of fingerstyle guitar, and (3) hosting nightly concerts that were accessible to the general public. With more than 200 attendees representing 20 countries across the 5-day event atop Petit Jean Mountain in Morrilton, Arkansas, the festival was deemed a success!  The event inspired a community-wide commitment to continue the annual event. The event also magnified the need for providing education opportunities to the general public and ​increasing exposure of this lesser known musical art form of guitar technique and composition not only in the United States, but abroad as well.  Thus, the Fingerstyle Collective International Foundation was formed  to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to fingerstyle guitar arts within the United States and abroad. 

"We believe in promoting cross-cultural understanding of fingerstyle guitar arts by providing performance opportunities to U.S. and international fingerstyle musicians, offering fingerstyle guitar education through instructional master classes, and  exposing this lesser known art to the general public through performing arts platforms."

Our Mission

​Fingerstyle Collective International Foundation is a non-profit music-focused performing arts organization dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to fingerstyle guitar arts within the United States and abroad. 

Our Vision

The foundation fulfills its mission by providing: (a) scholarships to musicians to participate in educational instructional master classes with expert fingerstyle guitar musicians, (b) cross-cultural performance opportunities to fingerstyle guitar musicians through a variety of performance platforms (e.g. festivals, performing arts programs, and organized concerts), and (c) fingerstyle guitar programming to performing arts and education institutions, cultural organizations, and to the general public within the U.S. and abroad.

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Fingerstyle Collective International Foundation

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